Abenezer Negash

Who am I

Just like the fact that 71% of the Earth's surface is covered with water, my professional experience has also been related to water. My career with water begins at Gilgel Gibe Hydro Electric Power Plant, which uses water as the primary source of power generation. During my BSc completion, my final project was the design and simulation of a potable water purification system. After graduating in Mechanical Engineering (BSc), my fascination with water led me to a Marine Engineering School in Bahir Dar (PGD), where I spent three years developing a solid foundation in all machinery used in water supply systems. Since then, I have been working on designing and implementing water solution systems with different choices of power sources: solar, EEP Grid line, or generators. During the last few years, I have implemented different water supply projects, design procedures, and specific solutions given for particular challenges. The relationship I have with my customers is an asset from the previous years. Here in Sinopia, I am in charge of WPS team management from the design and consultancy to the test and commissioning stage of water and power solution projects. I am genuinely joyful when I see the end result of projects: the smiles of the farmers, the laughter of joyful kids for the access they got to drinking water, and appreciative words from building owners and contractors. These are great motivations for my career.

How i make a Difference

Our company is not a product-selling company, but we provide solutions for water and power-related problems. I play the largest role in the division's sales and operation, with many duties and responsibilities. My aspiration is always to find a solution and, on every site or customer visit I make, understanding the problem is my key element. In my opinion, that’s when the solution begins. Being a leader in this team is a great privilege for me to have exposure to managing several team members. Teamwork, personal product knowledge, and excellent customer handling are the unique characteristics that my team has built in the last few years. Creating the big picture of our company in all my team members has been my daily task. That’s how we achieve our targets and run as a team. Consistent training and strategic planning are the basics of the Sinopia WPS team.

Fun Fact

I get refreshed every time I see the water flowing. Touring and traveling with my loved ones is another exciting experience for me.

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