Amanuel Tobe

Who am I

It makes me glad to be a part of a firm and work that has a broad strategy and goal, and I have also taken several levels of accounting education. I've worked in many financial sectors as well as organizations with a broad mission and vision for the objective that I've been serving for ten years. And, beginning in 2021 GC, I'll be working as a finance manager for Sinopia, a PLC with broad business objectives.

How i make a Difference

To be a financial manager is to observe or follow up on and alter an organization's current position so that it can take the business in the right direction tomorrow. I also have the abilities as well as a good point of view on importing and exporting, which I learned from previous jobs and business people I've met, which connects and helps many different parts of the organization. Furthermore, I easily absorb new lessons and insights from people in my work environment and from people I encounter at work, and I use them as resources when they are required for my work.

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

What motivates me

When considering my career, I consider my time in various financial situations and positions, as well as the organizations for which I have worked. Now, especially as a finance manager and attempting to make the finance team perform well, I am working for better development with many colleagues who generate ideas and ways to deal with the issues that always arise.

My best Advice to a new Comer

As an organization, I believe that it is more productive to share things as a team than to appreciate and confront the challenges, whether good or bad, in the workplace and environment we operate alone. I believe that the opportunity in Sinopia to learn new approaches and go through things as a partner is beneficial. For me, Sinopia is constantly an academy where I learn new things in my daily activities.

Fun Fact

I always notice that when I'm with children, I like children; when I'm with young people, I like young people; and when I'm with adults, I'm the same when I'm listening, playing, and talking with them, and I'm surprised to find myself in that way.

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