Araya Landuber

Who am I

My desire to understand how things function since I was a young child has driven me to pursue a career in mechanical engineering. However, participating in extracurricular activities in high school helped me to recognize my potential, which inspired me to pursue business management as a second major. I, therefore, decided to simultaneously pursue my two areas of greatest passion after high school. My undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering and Business Management were completed at the Addis Ababa Institute of Technology and Bahirdar University (Distance), respectively. Having stated that, it is a pleasure to join Sinopia’s team as a Junior Tender Sales Engineer and quickly advance to an Office Sales Engineer. I have learned a lot from this journey, and I am glad to be in an environment where every day is a learning experience.

How i make a Difference

My role is to help my team achieve its goals in sales, whether through a tender or direct approach. I aim to be well-equipped in every way so that I can effectively communicate with a large number of clients and address their issues.

When your back is against the wall, there is only one thing to do, and that is turn around and fight.

What motivates me

I am motivated by teamwork and time management. My desire to get things done on time drives me to do my work efficiently, and working well with my team gives me the energy I need to accomplish my goals.

Fun Fact

Football is my favorite sport. I always do my best to make time for football, whether to play or watch.

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