Samuel Tesfaye

Who am I

I am a Mechanical (Manufacturing) Engineer who graduated with BSc from Addis Ababa Science and Technology University; interested in hardware programming, and activities that include practical, hands-on problems and solutions. I took various courses that equipped me with the profound knowledge that will be expected from me diligently. Having work experience as an intern At Wonji Shoa Sugar Factory; as a Manufacturing and Maintenance Engineer. During my internship period I did a project called “ The Design of Water Spray Machine for Sugar Cane”, and Now this project is implemented and working in the factory, along with active involvement and founder of volunteer activity in my society; participating in several charity clubs and volunteerism activities as a tutor and coordinator. And I worked National Election Board of Ethiopia. Now, I am part of Sinopia Import and Export P.L.C on water and power solutions as a Sales Engineer.

How i make a Difference

Our Company does not sell products and services instead we sell solutions for your customer because we love our customers. As a Sales Engineer, I want to create a solution for my customer. I believe and am sure that it’s crucial that I work both collaboratively, and individually with my team; to excel together.

Do not follow your passion, invest on your passion!

Fun Fact

My family is my happiness. I love to be a model for the generation and community. I live for others!

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