Dawit Tadesse

Who am I

When I wanted to become an engineer I knew that I would be broad-minded enough to understand the world I live in, especially being a Mechanical Engineer I find myself doing things passionately as long as I’m here to make life easier for everyone. To think and solve problems like an engineer is so interesting to me, and to convince people through the engineering way becomes even more interesting.

How i make a Difference

I love making connections with professional people who are out there looking for the best solutions and by applying my educational and technical skills, I would always be on the front line to be the change maker.

Ambition is a dream with a V12 engine.

What motivates me

My desire to develop myself and to always get improved motivates me wherever I go, It’s like a life path for me to improve myself in every aspect of my life.

Fun Fact

If you see me on the roads watching awesome cars and become speechless, well...

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